Zinc-Nickel technology is starting to be considered as a credible alternative for uses in mobility.

They could be used for electric bicycles and e-scooters for instance. The electrode EASYL provides will be useful for regular recharges and discharges of this nature.

The time for sustainable, economically-viable, safe zinc batteries is now, and EASYL has discovered the technology and the chemistry to achieve this goal.

EASYL’s technology provides a credible alternative for storing electricity from renewable sources.

Our production methods for the two vital compounds are green and we architect the compounds in such a way that they can function better so zinc batteries live longer.

We combine three innovations to make two different products which we will sell to battery producers: Zincatin and Zincatair.

EASYL support Europe’s transition towards renewable energy, stored in sustainably produced batteries. Using our technology, battery manufacturers will be able to create the optimized electrodes for high capacity batteries. Compare to Lithium and cobalt, that is not produced in Europe, zinc is a material already available and produced here, there is no major need of imported materials from foreign countries

EASYL team of pluridisciplinary profiles holds a patent portfolio on the production of efficient zinc battery electrodes and offers a technical solution to customers seeking to successfully develop and industrialize zinc batteries by supporting them from the active material to the additives that compose the electrode itself.

EASYL is developing materials for zinc battery which allows zinc cells to compete with the other battery technologies. Zinc is abundant on earth and has the advantage to be already produced in Europe, making a competitive offer without having to import materials from Asia.

EASYL’s innovation is focused on the synthesis of active materials and additives for zinc batteries as well as the electrode design.

Current zinc battery technology has only been able to make cells hold their capacity for only 100 recharges. Our zinc batteries can already be recharged more than 600 times while still retaining 80% capacity. EASYL expects that when we have fully developed all our science, we will be making zinc cells which can be recharged thousands of times.

Rechargeable batteries are energy storage systems, and large capacity batteries can store the energy produced from renewable sources like wind and solar. They will also be used to power parts of Europe’s green mobility sector like electric bikes.

This will support the ambitions of the European Green Deal and help towards the EU’s commitment to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

EASYL’s technology contributes to each and every ambition of the European Battery Alliance. We use materials available in Europe, will provide high skilled jobs for battery makers, and will lead in innovation and research. Our batteries will have a much lower environmental footprint than those currently on the market because they will be sourced and made in the EU.






Low footprint