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6.b. The documents on this site may contain forward-looking information about the group (especially objectives and trends) and forward-looking statements (Forward-looking statements) as those mentioned in Ligation Private Securities Reform Act from 1995, especially regarding the financial position, operating results, activities and industrial strategy of EASYL. These data are not forecasts, as stated in European Regulation no. 809/2004.

Forward-looking information and statements contained in this document is based on data and economic assumptions made in the context of economic, competitive and a regulatory point. They may prove to be inaccurate in the future and are subject to risk factors that could lead to a significant difference between actual results and those anticipated, such as, in particular, changes in exchange rates, prices of petroleum products, the ability to perform cost reductions without unduly disrupting business operations, environmental regulatory and general economic and financial conditions. Similarly, certain financial information are based on estimates, especially when assessing the recoverable amount and the amount of any write-downs.

Neither EASYL  nor any of its affiliates undertakes any responsibility towards investors or any stakeholders to update or revise, in particular on the basis of new information or future events, some or all of the statements, information, forward-looking trends or objectives contained in these documents. Further information regarding factors, risks and susceptible uncertainties of having an effect on financial results and activities of the Group, are otherwise available in the updated version of the reference document by the Authority for the Financial Markets and Form 20-F filed by the Company with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

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